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17 June 2019

DEF CON 27 CTF - Call for Sponsors

by mHACKeroni team

We are mHACKeroni, an Italian ethical hacking team. We come from a handful of small italian teams that in 2018 decided to join forces. Our goal? Compete in the most prestigious hacking competition in the world: DEF CON CTF.

This competition takes place during the DEF CON conference, the most renowned hacking and cybersecurity event in the world. You might know it because it was featured in popular movies and TV shows such as X-Files, The Signal, and the recent Mr. Robot. DEF CON’s main highlight is surely the Capture The Flag (CTF) competition, where only a selection of the best teams from academia and industry compete for the glory.

This year we will be part of DEF CON again: In fact, we confirmed the great results of 2018, when we got second place out of 600+ teams at the qualification round, and we scored seventh at the final in Vegas. This year we competed in the Capture The Flag of the historical Chaos Communication Congress, the biggest European hacker conference – and we won the only qualification spot out of 600+ teams from all over the world.

We are one of the 16 teams that managed to get a seat at the finals in Vegas. We, therefore, think that our presence during this event is a great opportunity for visibility: last year’s attendees were over 28.000, and everyone’s eyes are pointed to the few competing teams.

Competing in the DEF CON CTF finals is a great team effort. mhackeroni are 40 young people among the best students and researchers in cybersecurity. Logistics and communication are critical for the success of our crew, so we are looking for sponsors and supporters to help us bring the team to Las Vegas.

If you wish to support us you can write to [email protected], here’s what we can offer: