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mhackeroni is an Italian CTF team founded in 2018 by a group of friends and security enthusiasts from various academic institutions who merged togheter to sum their streghts and ultimately achieve DEFCON CTF Finals qualification. Certified Satellite Hackers 🛰️ since 2023 :)

Our friends & affiliates:
@towerofhanoi - @c00kiesATvenice - @n0pwnintended - @TheRomanXpl0it - @aboutblankets

Latest entries

30 Jun 2018 DOGESTORE - Google CTF 2018

Secret Cloud Storage System: This is a new system to store your end-to-end encrypted secrets. Now with SHA3 integrity checks! $ nc 1337

29 Jun 2018 SFTP - Google CTF 2018

This file server has a sophisticated malloc implementation designed to thwart traditional heap exploitation techniques…

27 May 2018 Rctf 2018 - Write ups

This is the collection of all of our write-ups for rctf2018. Our final result was an incredible 3rd place !!

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